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Just finished up packing for my 9 day trip to Tokyo.   It’s my 4th visit to the city, but as always, I can feel a butterfly vigorously flying around in my stomach!  Absolutely excited about my dear friend Carol’s wedding (she’s getting married this Sunday in Tokyo) and the following 6 days to explore the city all by myself! No concrete plans though.  All I want to do is snooping around neighborhoods and trying out quaint cafes and restaurants…  PLUS, cherry blossoms!!!  Bit concerned since I hear that this year has been cooler than previous years.  But my fingers are crossed to catch a glimpse of those delicate pink petals!

photo: cherry blossoms in DC | April 2009


I’m so proud of myself pounding on the butter, rolling and folding to make handmade puff pastry.  But would I ever do it again?  Probably not.  Although if I get frustrated at work, I know what to pound on… 😉

Two weeks ago, we made puff pastry in the class, and last Sunday, we turned those buttery sheets into fruit strips (in my case, apple and poached pear) classic tarte tatin and mille feuille.  Yes!  it was my Julia Child moment.

As much as I enjoyed seeing my pastry puff up in the oven, would I ever make puff pastry from scratch?  Never say never, but probably NEVER…

$6 pursuit of happiness

It’s amazing what a colorful bouquet of flowers can do. It doesn’t have to be expensive or glamorous.

A bunch of pom poms I bought for $6 was sufficient to perk me up as I adorned my tiny studio.


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