With 2/3 of a tub of mascarpone cheese left from Wednesday, I made marcarpone cheese pancakes by modifying Nigella’s recipe for cottage cheese pancakes.  Since marcarpone cheese is not as liquidy as cottage cheese, I added a bit of water to the batter.

With macerated strawberries, maple syrup and Arnie Palmer with a dash of lemon basil syrup I made last week, the pancakes were a perfect summer brunch dish!


2 eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, mascarpone cheese, strawberry, balsamic vinegar,

1. Cut strawberries into small pieces and macerate them with a pinch of sugar and 3 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar and set it aside

2. Separate 2 eggs, and to the yolks, add sugar (4 tablespoon), mascarpone cheese (3 tablespoons), flour (2/3 cup), water (1/4 cup), and vanilla extract (2 teaspoons)

3. Beat egg whites until foamy and fold into the mix

4. Drop a ladle of batter on a hot non-stick pan and cook approx. 1 min on each side

5. Serve with macerated strawberries and maple syrup