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I was paying my usual visit to thekitchn.com and enjoying my half priced (“recession special”) afternoon coffee in the office when I encountered this helpful posting on a recipe for sweet basil lemonade and more importantly, the recipe for a basil-lemon infused syrup.

 Since I was wondering what I should do with a bunch of leftover basil after making the turkey larb, and I wasn’t entirely excited about making another Thai dish (I was having a craving for “Gochujang (Korean red chili paste) stew”, which I made alongside with making the syrup), the timing of the posting couldn’t be more perfect.

As my dear girlfriend was coming over to fill me in with the latest development on her “5-date-old” relationship, instead of serving her a tall glass of “virgin” lemonade, I decided to serve her “not-so-innocent” version of the drink, the “sweet basil lemon vodka gimlet” (shaken not stirred), and got on with making the syrup as soon as I put my foot in the kitchen.

The syrup was rather sweet, but the sweetness balanced tartness from lemon juice quite nicely. In addition to the cocktail, I also served her honey drizzled strawberries with mascarpone cheese to dip into (just like the way Milk & Honey, a cocktail lounge in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, serves)… I still have quite a bit of the syrup left but I’m quit e sure it will be consumed rather quickly!

Recipe from Epicurious

Basil Lemon infused syrup:


Basil Lemon vodka gimlet: